The iso images of the version 1.0 of the RAISE database DVD-ROMs are
listed below. These are provided mainly for the record and archiving
purposes. However, for those of you who are connected to the Internet
through fast cables with wide bandwidth, it is possible to download them
and create DVD-ROMs locally on your PC.

But please be advised that the file size is huge (of the order of
Gigabyte) and it takes some 5-10
minutes or more to download each image, and it could slowdown internet
connection of other users.

In addition, if you use Internet Explorer (IE), you may find it
impossible to download these files. This is because with IE, the file
size to be downloaded is limited to 2 Gbyte (see e.g., There is no easy
solution and thus you should consider to switch other browser such as
Firefox. We confirmed that there was no problem in downloading these
files with Firefox 2.0.

In general, it is easier to access to
particular data sets you need through on-line database (if you are in a
hurry), or to order DVD-ROMs (if you can wait days to a week, depending
on where you are).


No.1 AWS, GPS and Aircraft

download raise_database_01.img i2.83faj

No.2 Hydrology, Meteorology and Ecology

download raise_database_02.img i2.26faj

No.3 Regional Climate Model Output (1)

download raise_database_03.img i4.33faj

No.4 Regional Climate Model Output (2)

download raise_database_04.img i3.88faj

No.5 Regional Climate Model Output (3)

download raise_database_05.img i2.87faj





No.1 label_01.jpg

No.2 label_02.jpg

No.3 label_03.jpg

No.4 label_04.jpg

No.5 label_05.jpg