All data sets are in principle open to the general scientific communities. Use of the data for non-commercial purposes (such as for research and education) is granted free of charge. However, there is a certain restriction (such as a request for acknowledgement in published article) specific to each data set, and users should check with the description in the gdata set documentationh for details.


There are some data sets and articles that cannot be open, except for the RAISE scientists, in accordance with the agreement (or lack of agreement in some cases) with copyright holders. These include satellite images, atlas, maps and some historical data sets. Those who might want to access to these restricted items should reach relevant organization/persons to obtain permission of the usage. Contact information can be obtained by contacting us. See contact information.

There are also some data sets that can be open after certain time period (usually 5 years) from the time of observation, in accordance with the agreement with copyright holders. These include routine observation data of the Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of Mongolia during RAISE study period (2002-2007). Those data are access controlled with an ID and password. Those who wish to use these data after required time period has passed, should contact us to obtain the ID and password. See contact information.