2006 International Workshop on Terrestrial Change in Mongolia
- Joint Workshop of IORGC, MAVEX, RAISE and Other Projects -
28-29 November 2006, JAMSTEC Tokyo Office, Tokyo, Japan


  1. Difference of carbon dynamics of soil carbonate under vegetation sequence, Mongolia - ASANO, Maki (GSLES UTs) ・TAMURA, Kenji(GSLES UTs), MAEJIMA, Yuji (NIAS) ・ MATSUZAKI,Hiroyuki(DNEM UTy)・FUJIWARA, Hideshi (NIAS)・HIGASHI,Teruo (GSLES UTs) - -Abstrac-
  2. Physico-chemical characteristics of soils and their secular changes under different land use in Kherlenbayan-Ulaan - TAMURA, Kenji (GSLES UTs)・HOSHINO, Aki1, ASANO Maki・WUYUNNA, N. (DNU)・ FUJIMAKI, Haruyuki1(GSLES UTs)・HIGASHI ,Teruo (GSLES UTs) - -Abstrac-
  3. Field measurement of infiltration rates using an oscillating nozzle rainfall simulator in Mongolia - KATO, Hiroaki (GSLES UTs) ・ ONDA,Yuichi (GSLES UTs)・ TANAKA, Yukiya (KHU) ・ DAVAA, Gombo (IMH) ・OYUNBAATAR, Dambaravjaa (IMH) - -Abstrac-
  4. Importance of little depositional island in upper stream of Sharilj river for conservation of Buir lake ecosystem - DAVAA, Gombo (IMH) and PUREVDAGVA, Khalzen (IMH) - -Abstrac-
  5. Altitudinal distribution of snow water equivalent in the Tuul river basin, Mongolia, 2002-2006 - SUGIURA, Konosuke (IORGC JM)・KADOTA, Tsutomu (IORGC JM) ・ ZHANG, Yinsheng (IORGC JM)・ISHIKAWA, Mamoru (FEES HoU/IORGC JM)・IIJIMA, Yoshihiro (IORGC JM)・ YAMAZAKI, Takeshi(ToU/IORGC JM)・PUREVDAGVA, Khalzan(IMH)・DAVAA, Gombo (IMH)・ OHATA, Tetsuo (IORGC JM) - -Abstrac-
  6. Thermal symbiotic system of permafrost and forest, northeast of Mongolia -ISHIKAWA, Mamoru (FEES HoU/IORGC JM )・IIJIMA, Yoshihiro (IORGC JM) ZHANG, Yinsheng (IORGC JM)・KADOTA, Tsutomu (IORGC JM)・Battogtokh, D. (IG)・Sharkhuu, N. (IGl)・Ohata Tetsuo (IORGC JM) - -Abstrac-
  7. Extension of larch forest and its meteorological condition at the continuous region of permafrost in the northern part of Mongolia - TAKEDA, Kazuo (OUAVM)・TSUJI, Osamu (OUAVM)・TORITA, Hiroyuki (OUAVM) - -Abstrac-
  8. Features and mapping of permafrost distribution in Ulaanbaatar area, Mongolia - BATTOGTOKH, Dorjgotov (IG) ・JAMBALJAV, Ja. (IG)・ DASHTSEREN, A. (IORGC JM)・Sharkhuu, N. (IORGC JM)・ISHIKAWA, Mamoru (FEES HoU/IORGC JM)・ZHANG, Ya. (IORGC JM)・IIJIMA, Yoshihiro (IORGC JM)・KADOTA, Tsutomu (IORGC JM) OHATA, Tetsuo (IORGC JM) - -Abstrac-
  9. Mongolian vegetation changes in the last two decades - HIRANO, Akira (JIRCAS)・KOMIYAMA, Hiroshi (JIRCAS)・TORIYAMA, Kazunobu (JIRCAS) - -Abstrac-
  10. Origin of water vapor in arid Asia simulated by regional climate model with simplified isotope process - SATO, Tomonori (CCSR UTy) ・ TSUJIMURA, Maki (GSLES UTs) ・YAMANAKA, Tsutomu (GSLES UTs)・KIMURA, Fujio (GSLES UTs)・IWASAKI, Hiroyuki(GU)・SUGITA, Michiaki (GSLES UTs)- -Abstract-
  11. Soil moisture pulses drive the seasonal variability of steppe productivity in Mongolia - LI , Sheng-Gong (JST) ・ASANUMA Jun (GSLES UTs)・KOTANI Ayumi (JST)・DAVAA, Gombo (IMH)・OYUNBAATAR, Dambaravjaa (IMH) ・SUGITA, Michiaki (GSLES UTs) - -Abstrac-
  12. Influence of grazing on vegetation, surface energy balance and water balance over the Mongolian steppe - KATO, Hidekazu (GSLES UTs) ・MARIKO, Shigeru (GSLES UTs)・URANO, Tadaaki (GSLES UTs)・ SUIGTA Michiaki (GSLES UTs) - -Abstrac-
  13. A seesaw pattern of summertime precipitation over North Eurasia and associated Rossby waves - IWAO, Koki (CCSR-UTy)・TAKAHASHI, Masaaki (CCSR-UTy) - -Abstrac-
  14. Inter- and intra-seasonal variation in transpiration and stem growth in larch forest slope of northern Mongolia - IIJIMA, Yoshihiro (IORGC JM)・BATTOGTOKH, Dorjgotov (IG)・KADOTA Tsutomu (IORGC JM)・Ohata Tetsuo (IORGC JM) - -Abstrac-
  15. Assessment of regional land cover fractions of Mongolian semiarid and arid area based on multi channel radiance data - BYAMBAKHUU, Ishgaldan (GSLES UTs) ・SUGITA, Michiaki (GSLES UTs)・MATSUSHIMA, Dai (CIT)・ADYASUREN, Tsokhio ( EERIEA) - -Abstract-
  16. Observations of sparsely vegetated areas using optical sensor -MURAMATSU, Kanako (NWU)・XIONG, Yan (NWU)・FURUMI, Shinobu (NWU)・KAIHOTSU, Ichirow (GSIAS HiU) - -Abstrac-
  17. The agroclimatic resource change in Mongolia - AZZAYA, Dolgorsuren (IMH)・GANTSETSEG, B. (IMH)・MUNKHZUL, D. (IMH) - -Abstract-
  18. Impacts of global change to the environment and development in Mongolia - ADYASUREN, Tsokhio (EERIEA)・BORJIGDKHAN (EERIEA) - -Abstract-
  19. Floods in Mongolia - OYUNBAATAR, Dambaravjaa (IMH) - -Abstract--
  20. A multi-tracer approach to characterizing hydrological process in Kherlen river basin, eastern Mongolia - TSUJIMURA, Maki (GSLES UTs) - -Abstract-
  21. Parameterization of heat transfer between the land surface and the atmosphere in Mongolian steppe -KOTANI, Ayumi (JST)・SUGITA, Michiaki (GSLES UTs) - -Abstract
  22. Retrieval of the surface bulk parameters over Mongolian steppe and forest using a heat budget model incorporating remote sensing data - MATSUSHIMA, Dai (CIT) - -Abstract-
  23. Effects of atmospheric conditions and soil moisture on surface energy heat/water fluxes at a grassland site in Mongolia - ZHANG , Yinsheng (IORGC JM)・KADOTA Tsutomu (IORGC JM)・Ohata Tetsuo (IORGC JM)・ OYUNBAATAR, Dambaravjaa (IMH) - -Abstrac-
  24. Results of the AMPEX project - KAIHOTSU, Ichirow (GSIAS HiU)
  25. Summary on the research by IORGC in the past 5 years and future - OHATA, Tetsuo (IORGC JM) -
  26. An overview of the Rangelands Atmosphere-Hydrosphere-Biosphere Interaction Study Experiment in Northeastern Asia (RAISE) - SUGITA, Michiaki (GSLES UTs)・ASANUMA Jun (GSLES UTs) ・TSUJIMURA, Maki (GSLES UTs)・MARIKO, Shigeru (GSLES UTs)・LU, Minjiao (NUT)・KIMURA, Fujio(GSLES UTs)・AZZAYA, Dolgorsuren (IMH) ・ ADYASUREN, Tsokhio (EERIEA) - -Abstract-
  27. Introduction to the post-RAISE research activities - ASANUMA, Jun (GSLES UTs ) -