Mongolian daily newspaper: "Onoodor" (Today), No. 65 (1527), 2002.03.18

"Japanese scientist will study Kherlen river basin

Some Japanse scientists, headed by Prof. Michiaki Sugita from Science and Technology Corporation of Japan have paid vist in Kherlen river basin in order to investigate hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere of the basin. They visited some villages along the Kherlen river such as Darkhan and Bayanmonkh. Japanese will conduct not only research study in forest, forest-steppe and steppe regions of the river basin but also plan to investigate overgrazing activities in wintering pasture area in Kherlen-Bayan-Ulaan"
Brodcasting Agency: MONTSAME
(English translation by Mr. D. Oyunbaatar, Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, Mongolia)